Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Silent nights

We are back in Perth, for three weeks now. Apologies to all my three readers for the lack of correspondence, we have been really really tired, fatigued, sick, busy. I have had recurrent chest infections, sinus problems and general fatigue and Julie similar. Plus we have had to move house back into our old place in East Vic Park. And there was this little event you seem to celebrate here in a quiet, demure fashion. Called Consumermass, I think.
Anyway, we are back. And somehow coping with it. Driving through Kabul on the day of our departure at 6.ooam in the dawn light, we passed a accident scene: an crashed motorcycle, several men standing around, one lying on the ground, blood pooled around his head. Silent, motionless, dead. Not a good last sight to have on leaving the country where we have spent so long, but probably symbollically appropriate.


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